How To Make French Press Coffee For Beginner

how to make French press coffeeDo you want to serve a special coffee for your guest at home? Then, you may need to learn how to make French press coffee at home. French press coffee is highly recommended for you since it is easy and quick. You do not need to make your guest wait for such a long time to enjoy the coffee you make. Most interestingly, it is also suitable for you who are just a beginner in making coffee at home. Let’s check the complete article here and be a good French press coffee maker later on.

How To Make French Press Coffee As Beginner

Let’s begin with weighing the bean coffee. If you are using pre-ground coffee on this tutorial, you can skip this step. If you use whole bean coffee, you should grind it first on the coarse form. You can check tutorial about coffee grinding in another article. On how to make French press coffee, you must be guided to pour the ground coffee before to your French press once you get the coarse ground ready. After that, shake the coffee back and forth to resolve the ground. Then, you can continue by pouring hot water to the ground. On this step, you just need to pour halfway.

Moving on to the next step, you are better to start your timer as you are done with the pouring process. When your timer shows 30 seconds, you should take your spoon and stir it softly for about five seconds in order to break the crust up. Afterward, you can pour the rest of your hot water into the coffee. Then, don’t forget to put the cover on the French press. Then, you can wait for the timer to hit 4:00. Now, you can enjoy your coffee. For a detailed way to create French press coffee, you can visit

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