DVD Storage Ideas For Your Bedroom

dvd storage ideasMovie enthusiasts, pay your attention to this article. No, we aren’t going to discuss the Hollywood movie you watched this week. Movie enthusiasts are always related to having an excessive amount of DVD collections at home, am I right? Absolutely, because I also have too many DVD collections in my room. I used to run out of idea where to place them neatly and organized before my mom walked in and screaming over how messy my room was because DVDs were all over the floor. Therefore, here go DVD storage ideas below.

DVD Storage Ideas; No More Unorganized Mess

After I did some searching on the internet how to keep my discs well organized in an accessible area for my hands to reach, here are DVD storage ideas I need to share with you:

  1. Wall cabinet

I dislike my wall plain, so I always decided to attach something on it. The wall cabinet is a solute idea. Put your cute wall cabinet on reachable height so you still can easily pick your disc.

  1. A tree for your DVDs

This is absolutely the clever way to store you DVDs. Apart from its function to put your DVDs, it’s also can make your living room looks stunning than ever. You can paint it with your favorite color that goes best with your room.

  1. Convert your abandoned old shutter into a DVDs holder. If the color has faded, you can repaint it with a bright color. This is a perfect idea if you have a bigger room.
  2. The circular cupboard can be your next challenge. Not only it gives the space for your DVDs, it also makes your bedroom design interior prettier.

Since I love my bedroom looks more alive, I recommended you to try those clever way DVD storage ideas for your room too. Have fun and don’t forget to watch the movie!

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